Can You Top “TOO TALL” Contest 

A chance to show off your football knowledge!

Contestants will submit 5 picks, highlighting one of them as your Best Pick, on the NFL sides and totals using the point spread lines posted Thursday on the Top Too Tall page.  

The 18-week competition will begin Friday, Sept. 8. Each week the highest point total will win an Autographed “I Topped Too Tall” T shirt and be entered into a drawing to win a Grand Prize at the end of the season.

How to win:

  • You will get 2 points for your Best Bet winner and 1 point for your other winning selections.
  • Pick the total points in the Cowboys game each week to use as a tie breaker.


Week 7, for The Cowboys bye week, guess the total points for the Commanders vs NY Giants game. If more than one participant picks the exact score, we will draw for the final winner.

All the selections need to be submitted Friday by 5PM CST. Ed’s picks will be posted by Sunday by 9:00 am Dallas Texas Time (CST).